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are committed to providing an ultimate solution of services for International students in the categories of Foundation, Undergraduate, and postgraduate sectors.

Course Advise & Selection

Course selection on basis of previous studies, grades, and work experience. Our education consultants use the best of their knowledge to choose the right option

Application Process and VISA Letter Issuance

Our expert team completes and submits a course application to institute and help approve CAS (Conditional / Unconditional ) for further procedure.

Fee / Funds Payment Process

We provide an easy and secure way to pay a fee to universities all over the world.

VISA Application, Enrollment, & Accommodation

The last step of the process is to apply for a VISA. On Arrival to any study destination, we provide the whole guidance of university enrolment and accommodation.

We are here to assist you with your understudy visa application!

Understudy visa is an approval by the migration experts on an identification that demonstrates that you are permitted to enter the nation and remain to examine.

By and large, you start your understudy visa application once you get affirmation of enlistment at the picked college. That’s’ the reason it recommended applying for affirmation most punctual as could be expected under the circumstances, so visa application can be started soon as could be expected under the circumstances, as time can differ on the result.

There are a few stages to apply for an understudy visa and how you complete these means may change as per expect study objective. Ge Global Consultants will direct and help you with your visa application structures.

Investigate the best fit course for yourself

Regardless of whether you’re actually considering conceivable degree courses, or confounded between two fields of study, or have no clue about what sort of professional result is conceivable, we can assist you with finding the best fit investigation program and organize with your college application.

Picking your course

Your best-fit Decision

There endless courses and colleges to look over, choosing what to concentrate abroad and from where can be a terrifying assignment however, we are here to help you during the whole cycle. Our guide is upheld by a modern data coordinating framework that contains all the most recent refreshed data on accomplice foundations over.

We assist you with accomplishing

Our instructor will work with you to waitlist a scope of courses and crash into the detail obviously handbooks and subject decisions that you consider to pick. We comprehend that your picked course should put you on a way to effective calling life.

Timetables and Expenses

It is better to realize the educational expense and the amount you can bear to spend on your training, which are two significant factors in picking study alternatives.

It’s a smart thought to deliberately consider the scholarly year wherein you like to get selected and the admission. Each nation has distinctive admission and its essential to realize the time need on your application cycle likewise

GE Global advisor will likewise manage you through the items of common sense of when and how to apply and begin the course at your examination objections.

Course Details and Campus Life

It’s imperative to comprehend your degree plot and what subject you will concentrate to finish your degree and what necessities does each course leans towards you to score. To learn at the place where you’re new, its smart thought to know the way of life and condition that the foundation will offer you as a global understudy. GE Global Consultants will give you each detail and assist you with picking the most ideal degree and foundation.

Investigate Your Universities

Tolerating your Offer

Apply with certainty, we have your back

You pick and we dispatch your application to assist you with holding an unequivocal situation. GE Global Consultants offers full help to order affirmation prerequisites of your ideal college.

Application evaluation and acknowledgment

It takes up to a 4-multi week for college application to react and get an official letter, while during this time, we presented the candidate with the college delegate to study the college and find a few solutions about their interests.

Acknowledgment and installment, the last advances

When you get an unlimited proposal from the college and you may continue with an installment as referenced on the receipt connected on the offer letter to acknowledge and demand for affirmation of enlistment that would be required at the season of visa.

Anxious before voyaging?

At the point when you are at last prepared to take off to an incredible new experience, we comprehend the small overwhelming and we are here to help you as far as possible.

To assist you with getting ready for what’s in the store while showing up at your objective as we have various pre-flight meetings week after week.

Our meetings will assist you in seeing how to explore individual and social chances while you’re concentrating abroad.

What to Take with You?

With the experience of current understudies considering and knowing their training, we prescribe new heading out understudies how to get sorted out while pressing and how it will spare a great deal of time and bother in another nation.


What happens when you land in the new host city, presently what? Our meeting will direct you about migration checks, customs control, and how to arrive at grounds advantageously.

Banking and Money

When you show up in another nation, a ledger is an absolute necessity to get things done. Having a nearby ledger will guarantee simple admittance to your cash to pay for convenience, educational expenses, and other everyday costs. It will likewise permit your manager to store compensation into your record whenever picked to work during or post contemplates. Our meeting will direct you with the necessary archives for opening up another record in your new nation.

Altering into the new culture

It’s smarter to think about the way of life you begin mingling and altering with nearby traditions before showing up at your investigation nation. Such data will slip your change into the network and assist you with associating with new cohorts all the more successfully. Our insight will manage you about the way of life, life as a neighborhood, and even some informal terms that will come helpful.

Understudy life

Our meetings will brief you about various learning styles and what’s in store from the homeroom conditions.

Culture Adjustment

The social astonishment is normal when understudies move to a totally unexpected culture in comparison to their own. In our meeting, we talk about the different stages that understudies may confront (vacation, dissatisfaction, change, and acknowledgment). Our advisors would likewise manage with some basic strategies on going through culture stun and how to manage it.

Working while you study

Our group will talk about how to remain inside the principles of understudy visas and give a few hints on getting a decent understudy line of work. Low maintenance occupations assist supplement with contemplating and living experience.

Managing to yearn to go home

It justifiable that it is so difficult to avoid home, yet our pre-takeoff meetings help you with certain tips on the best way to manage the sentiment of yearning to go home.

Organization Advice

You will likewise have the chance to pose inquiries from our graduated class and organization with current and future understudies at your investigation objective.

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